This is Italian based Photojournalism Collective Echophotojournalism

The collective and agency is based in Italy but is active around the globe.

The stories of the photographers can be seen in international exhibitions and publication.

We value photojournalism and its principles at heart.

Not only being photographers, but visual storytellers is our mission.


We are happy to welcome all the photographers of this collective:

Luigi Baldelli

Ann-Christine Woehrl

Aldo Soligno

Gianmarco Maraviglia

Karl Mancini

Meeri Koutaniemi

Ugo Borga

Peter Bauza

Also, let us share these stories with You:

White Beaches

Hayastan 1915-2015

Ghosts from the past

Once we were soldiers

Ethiopa Drought

Cuba On Line

African Voodoo: Benin the cradle of voodoo

Blooming in The Black Garden


Blooming on the Other Side of the River | Blooming Generation #2

Fatima Secret