Karl Mancini

Karl Mancini is an Italian-Argentine documentary photographer based out of Rome. He studied photojournalism in New York at the International Center of Photography (ICP). Since 2001 he has worked in more than 85 countries,  with a particular preference for Asia and South America,  as a freelance photojournalist and writer,  following socio-historical and political events and focusing on issues such as war aftermaths,  violence against women,  minorities,  human rights,  migration,  the tragic story of landmines (to which he has dedicated years of work) and genocide,  which he reported on from eight different countries. His works have also been exhibited in USA,  Russia,  Australia,  India,  Japan,  Italy,  Greece,  Switzerland and in many important international festivals,  earning him awards at IPA Awards and MIFA Awards. His  stories have been featured in some of the most prominent magazines and newspapers from all over the world and he regularly collaborate with International NGOs and  international magazines and newspapers such as Newsweek,   Marie Claire,  Vanity Fair,  Der Spiegel,  CNN,  El pais,  Woz,  il Venerdi,  La Repubblica,  Il Corriere della Sera. In 2015 he published a book,  ITALIANSKIJ,  about the Italian community in Crimea persecuted during the Stalinian Purges. Since January 2014 he has collaborated with the Echo Photojournalism,  and in 2015 he has been appointed staff photographer.

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