Peter Bauza

Peter Bauza is a German-born documentary photographer and visual story-teller, committed to capture transcendent images inspiring the viewer to reflect more deeply on the subject matter. His stories most often address contemporary social and political issues. Whether working in black & white or in color, his images document how local communities and societies are dealing with oftentimes-severe environmental, economic and living challenges. Peter brings a special background to his photographic career. Culturally and literate and fluent in five languages (German, French, Spanish, English and Portuguese) he is able to move easily within many countries to capture the stories that need to be told. With an degree in international commerce, his business career allowed him to travel extensively throughout Europe, Africa, and South America (where he now reside). During his travels, Peter was able to see first-hand the how the local communities deal with these social issues. In his creative career Peter took later steps to master the photographic medium by enrolling in a formal photographic degree program in UK. In addition to this step, he was mentored on trainings and one on one passages by some of the finest award-winning social documentary and photojournalists in the United States and Europe.

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