Global Religion

There are rules that regulate the movement of humans all around.
Internationally, the transfer of goods at the customs checkpoints can be limited.
But, there also exists an undefinable reality, which at the same time can be disruptive that no one can deny: Religion.
Migration, transfer, family reunions… this movement of a large number of people moving, bringing in new cultures and alien traditions, but above all cults, rituals, and beliefs from their points of origin.

In this manner, even in the EU, we can slowly find new cults and ceremonies coming from diverse geographical & cultural perspectives.
From the Brazilian Candomblé to the Benin Celestial Church of Christ, the Cuban Santeria to the Tibetian Buddhism, these cults not restricting themselves to the immigrant populations, always getting a step closer, with more and more Europeans exploring these new boundaries, with a possible hope of what they imagined God and religion to be.
It’s the spiritual globalization, because God, or better still, the Gods, are everywhere and in everything.

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