Fatima Secret

Fatima, Portugal. In 1917 in this small village three shepherd children saw the Virgin Mary, who gave them 3 secrets. The message of Our Lady of Fatima has always been shrouded in mystery, between darkĀ  hellish visions and veiledĀ  anti communists messages. Still you can feels a dark atmosphere , as many times I have been told, “where there is good there is always evil.” Between Masonic and anti-papal presence, in particular a very practiced ritual reminds me of the pagan origin of many beliefs. Are the “Promessas de Corpos” human organs perfectly reproduced in wax. Livers, lungs, limbs, wombs, heads, eyes, brains, but also whole children, to burn in an oven place a few meters from the most sacred of the chapels of Fatima. This is a story of the dark side of one of the holiest place on earth for Christianity.

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