On the night of April2,2016, Azere forces attacked all along the contact line the border with NagornoKarabakh,reopening in fact a conflict that had never officially closed.It was since25 years there was an escalation of such violence. Practically every woman in the country, even the most disinterested previously in military and political issues,was actively involved in the events.Every woman have in the family a relative who joined the army.From the simple family mother to the minister of culture, from the common employee in a beauty salon to cop to the head of the supreme court of justice, women are the soul and strength of Karabakh,in some ministries they account for80% of employed personnel. They dream of independence made of peace to build a different future for their children. They love intensely, fight tenaciously, often suffer in silence, and believe in their traditions. They are brave and fragile. This is their story.

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