Ann-Christine Woehrl

Ann-Christine Woehrl, half french-half german, was born in 1975 and is based as a freelance photographer in Munich, Germany. During her photography studies in Paris, she made an internship at Magnum Photos and worked for the photojournalists David Turnley and Reza, followed by the Missouri and Eddie Adams workshop.
Her work is mainly based on documenting daily life situations of people and communities challenged by their social, cultural and religious environment. She worked so far mainly on themes in Latin America, Africa and India, with a great focus on women issues and religion, such as women in Cuba, women prisoners in Colombia, buddhist nuns and sacred prostitutes in India. Some of her projects have been published as books and been shown in various exhibitions in Europe and South America. Her project “Benin – the cradle of Voodoo“ has been published by the german publisher Terra Magica in 2011.
For her actual project “IN/VISIBLE“ on burned women she received a grant by the german foundation VG Bild-Kunst/Stiftung Kulturwerk for the continuation of her project. Furthermore she received several awards and got selected for Descubrimientos at Photo España in Madrid and got shortlisted for the Terry O’Neill Tag Award 2012.

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