Fifteen homeless people who have taken a course in photojournalism for three months with the photojournalists of Echo. An unexpected result of visual and narrative. A major exhibition in one of the most prestigious areas of Europe, the Pavilion of Contemporary Art Milan. This was Ri-Scatti. After the project Ri-Scatti, Echo decided to give life to a natural evolution of what the authors have shown that they can do. The city of Milan is in fact the focus of international media as the host city of Expo 2015. Echo decided to tell a different and alternative Milan, certainly not on the classic circuits of communication and information.

Four of the homeless who took part in the project will tell “their” city. Not a negative approach, but a look over the city without filters. “Feeding the Planet” is the theme of Expo 2015, will be the photographers homeless to remind us what this sentence means, for the duration of the event. EXPOUND is a great opportunity to decipher a city unknown to most people, and a great opportunity to work for the authors. Partners of EXPOUND is Canon, which will provide authors cameras, thanks to which they will do the first steps as professionals photographers The authors selected to expound are: Dino Bertoli, Sofiene Bouzayene, Karim Hamras and Massimo La Fauci. This project will be updated weekly.

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